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3.00$/10MIL Hypixel SkyBlock Coins | TRUSTED SELLER (FAST DELIVERY)

3.00$/10MIL Hypixel SkyBlock Coins | TRUSTED SELLER (FAST DELIVERY)

1 - PC

1 10000
  • 5 mins.
  • 08:18:51
Actual price 3.00 for 10000000 Coins
Units Discount rate Price / 1 unit
1 - 2 0% 3.00
3 - 49 5% 2.85
> 49 7% 2.79
Total price 3.00 for 10000000 Coins
Discount rate: 0%
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Here price is 3.00$ per 10 mil

Hello and Welcome to our shop! You can buy the desired number of coins from us, if you want. Feel free to ask some question if you have, cya ;)

Everything you can find out about us, read below

Why us?

We care about your and our safety more than any other seller. The most important thing for us is a fast and reliable transfer of our coins to your account with minimal risk.

You'll get:

  •  Safe, and most importantly risk-free delivery. You can be sure of our honesty!
  •  We have been in this field for over 1 year and we know the safest ways to transfer coins.
  •  The delivery time for our coins is usually less than 15 minutes after payment (not including technical problems with the server, etc.). 
  •  Coins that are earned only honestly.
  •  24/7 support from us, we are always happy to help you, and answer any of your questions.
  •  Nice little bonuses.
  •  Complete security guarantee, you have nothing to worry about.
  • The method of transferring coins can be of our choice. Blocks or auction it's our choice.



  •  Bonus system for loyal customers.

  •  Depending on the amount, we charge you bonuses.

  •  If you are a regular customer, the bonuses increase.

  •  Bonuses can reach up to 20-30 million

  •  First bonus 150k!


We decide whether to give you a bonus or not.


  • When does your store open?

 We are working from 2PM (GMT+3) to 10 PM (GMT+3) 


  • What do you do the rest of the time? Can I place an order?

Yes! The rest of the time we take orders to the next day. 


  • Why have prices gone up? What is the reason?

Price is so high because bans on hypixel making coin selling time longer. Prices rose due to the distribution of bans of sellers on the server.  The server is trying to get rid of people who sell it at low prices. Therefore, we decided to slightly increase the time and change the time of work, so that you and we do not get banned.


We always have information about promotions in the announcement, but on personal matters we have more information. Therefore, if you want to buy more than there is in stock, just send us a request and ask if we have the desired number of coins.


If you need proof of the existence of our coins, go here:,

You have a risk to get banned, but this risk is low. For more information or questions just contact us in Discord or in the chat.

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