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[Minecraft] Hypixel Skyblock Coins $0.3/mil | Discounts & Bonuses

[Minecraft] Hypixel Skyblock Coins $0.3/mil | Discounts & Bonuses

1 - PC

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Actual price 3.00 for 10000000 Coins
Units Discount rate Price / 1 unit
1 - 4 0% 3.00
5 - 14 2% 2.94
15 - 24 5% 2.85
25 - 49 7% 2.79
> 49 10% 2.70
Total price 3.00 for 10000000 Coins
Discount rate: 0%
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My Kind of Lobby


Coin Rate & Bonuses: 

1unit = 10mil

$3 per 10mil (10mil-40mil)

$2.94 (2% Discount) per 10mil (50mil-140mil)

$2.85 (5% Discountper 10mil (150mil-240mil)

$2.79 (7% Discountper 10mil (250mil-490mil)

$2.70 (10% Discountper 10mil (490mil and above)


All Purchases Have a 10% Coin Bonus!

Sample : Order 5 units (50mil) and receive a 5mil Bonus!


Delivery Method:
Auction House BIN (BUY IT NOW):

List an item for the (Amount you purchased) +10% (Shop Bonus) + 2% (Auction house tax) and set it for 2days


Sample Computation before listing an item:

[You Purchased 5units or 50mil]

50mil + 10% (Bonus) = 55mil + 2% (For Auction House Tax) = 56.1mil

Post the item for 56.1mil


Should I buy even if the shop is closed?

If the shop is closed, this means that I, the seller is asleep or out of my selling vicinity. You have a choice of proceeding to buy knowing that you, the buyer accepts and acknowledges that your order will be delayed or might be finished the following day. You will not spam me, report me, or write a negative feedback about the delayed delivery because you are aware and informed that THE SHOP IS CLOSEDIf you do proceed on ordering COINS follow the process stated at "Delivery Method"


Is the coins you sell duped?

No it is not duped, it is generated using a personalized script that automatically farms Sugarcane or Netherwarts.



The Seller (MrGut) have over 3000 vouches on my Discord server (My Kind of Lobby) together with other IRL Trading Sites


That 1 Negative Feedback

My shop was closed when the buyer decided to purchase and accidentally pressed "Confirm Delivery". I did respond to him, though it was late because I was asleep, I asked him to post an item on Auction House and I'll buy it in order for me to deliver his purchased goods. He did respond, but never decided to post or let me deliver.

Photos of the conversation:

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