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10 million GTA 5 Online Money

10 million GTA 5 Online Money


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Actual price 30.00 for 1000000000 $
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Total price 30.00 for 1000000000 $
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Only for PS4.

Before buying contact me for check availability, please.

The probability of getting a ban is minimal.

Delivery Method: Account Share (you close the game and you turn off the PS4; you give me Login, Password; you do not turn on PS4 and you expect my message about the end of delivery).


Before Delivery you need:
1. Disable two-factor authentication (if it is enabled).
2. You need to have a minimum of 1 000 000 $ on your balance in game (if not, just sell something or buy a SHARK CASH CARD for 200  000 $).
3. You need to have PS Plus Subscription (if You not have PS Plus Subscription, then add to price +5$).
4. In the system settings you need to do "DOWNLOAD TO NETWORK STORAGE" (just upload one file autosave from the GTA V folder to the cloud storage).
5. Completely disable PS4 until delivery is completed (not standby, but turn it off).


Also i can sell any Accounts; for 25 USD (1 piece) this Cars - and for 35 USD (1 piece) this Cars - 

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