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[PC]Mutation serums (all) pack

[PC]Mutation serums (all) pack
[PC]Mutation serums (all) pack - image
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You will receive one of each mutation serum (19 total):

1x Adrenal Reaction serum
1x Bird Bones serum
1x Carnivore serum
1x Chameleon serum
1x Eagle Eyes serum
1x Egg Head serum
1x Electrically Charged serum
1x Empath serum
1x Grounded serum
1x Healing Factor serum
1x Herbivore serum
1x Herd Mentality serum
1x Marsupial serum
1x Plague Walker serum
1x Scaly Skin serum
1x Speed Demon serum
1x Talons serum
1x Twisted Muscles serum
1x Unstable Isotope serum

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