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[PC] Bobbleheads Pack | 50 of each type = 1000 total | 20 types

[PC] Bobbleheads Pack | 50 of each type = 1000 total | 20 types


[PC] Bobbleheads Pack | 50 of each type = 1000 total | 20 types - image
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1 Item = 1 Bobbleheads Pack

You will receive 50 of each BOBBLEHEADS (1000 total) per every pack:

50x Bobblehead: Agility: Gain +2 Agility.
50x Bobblehead: Big Guns: Gain +20% damage with heavy guns.
50x Bobblehead: Caps: Twice as likely to find better Caps Stashes.
50x Bobblehead: Charisma: Gain +2 Charisma.
50x Bobblehead: Endurance: Gain +2 Endurance.
50x Bobblehead: Energy Weapons: Gain +20% damage with energy guns.
50x Bobblehead: Explosive: Gain +30% damage with explosives.
50x Bobblehead: Intelligence: Gain +2 Intelligence.
50x Bobblehead: Leader: Gain 5% more experience.
50x Bobblehead: Lock Picking: Gain a 30% wider "sweet spot" when lockpicking.
50x Bobblehead: Luck: Gain +2 Luck.
50x Bobblehead: Medicine: Heal 30% more with Stimpaks.
50x Bobblehead: Melee: Gain +20% damage with melee weapons.
50x Bobblehead: Perception: Gain +2 Perception.
50x Bobblehead: Repair: Fusion Cores last 30% longer.
50x Bobblehead: Science: One extra guess when hacking terminals.
50x Bobblehead: Small Guns: Gain +20% damage with ballistic guns.
50x Bobblehead: Sneak: 30% harder to detect.
50x Bobblehead: Strength: Gain +2 Strength.
50x Bobblehead: Unarmed: Gain +25% damage with unarmed attacks.

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