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T-51b Power Armor (Full set)

T-51b Power Armor (Full set)


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You will get a full modified set of T-51b Power Armor. This Power Armor can be level 30, 40 or 50.

Available modifications:


* Internal Database: Increases Intelligence.
* Sensor Array: Increases Perception.
* Targeting HUD: Visor highlights living targets. (recommended)


* Optimiced Bracers: Reduces Action Point cost for Power Attacks. (recommended)
* Hydraulic Bracers: Increases unarmed damage.
* Rusty Knuckles: Unarmed attacks cause bleeding damage.
* Tesla Bracers: Adds Energy damage to Unarmed attacks.


* Explosive Vent: Increases damage radius for Impact Landing.
* Kinetic Servos: Increases Action Point refresh speed while moving.
* Optimized Servos: Reduces Action Point cost for sprinting.
* Overdrive Servos: Increases Sprint speed at additional Action Point cost.
* Calibrated Shocks: Increases Carry Weight capacity. (recommended)


*Blood Cleanser: Reduces chance for addiction from drugs.
*Core Assembly: Increases Action Point refresh speed.
*Emergency Protocols: Below 20% health, speed increases 25% and incoming damage is reduced 50%. (recommended for Bloodied builds)
*Jet Pack: Enables jet-assisted boost while jumping. (recommended)
*Motion-Assist Servos: Increases Strength.
*Medic Pump: Detects hits during combat and automatically uses a Stimpak when health is low.
*Kinetic Dynamo: Taking damage recharge Action Points.
*Reactive Plates: Reflects 50% of melee damage back on attacker.
*Stealth Boy: Activates stealth field while crouched.
*Tesla Coils: Deals Energy Damage to nearby enemies. (recommended)


* Nuka-Cola paint



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