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Abraxo T-51 unyielding

Abraxo T-51 unyielding


Abraxo T-51 unyielding - image
Abraxo T-51 unyielding - image
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One set of equipment, 6 will take six items

Abraxo 51 Right Leg
Abraxo 51 Left Leg
Abraxo 51 Left Arm
Abraxo 51 Right Arm
Abraxo 51 Torso
Abraxo 51 Helmet

my game id is helloMagic

1.Prevents damage and disease from airborne and waterborne hazards.
2.75% chance to reduce damage by 15% while standing still
3.Gain up to +3 to all stats (except END) when low health
4.Increases Action Point refresh speed

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