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[PC] Mutation Serum Recipes at Choice! (list of items in offer details)

[PC] Mutation Serum Recipes at Choice! (list of items in offer details)


[PC] Mutation Serum Recipes at Choice! (list of items in offer details) - image
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Serum Recipes available for the order:

• Recipe: Adrenal Reaction Serum / Increased weapon damage at low HP / Max HP -50
• Recipe: Bird Bones Serum / Agility increased by +4, decreased fall damage / Strength reduce by -4 and brittle bones
• Recipe: Carnivore Serum / Benefits from eating meat doubles, no disease build up from eating meat / Can’t eat vegetables
• Recipe: Chameleon Serum / Invisible when you’re not moving and unarmored
• Recipe: Eagle Eyes Serum / Critical damage increase of 25%, Perception increase of +4 / Strength decrease of -4
• Recipe: Egg Head Serum / Intelligence increase of +6 / Strength and endurance decrease of -3
• Recipe: Electrically Charged Serum / Can potentially shock and stagger enemies who attack with melee weapons
• Recipe: Empath Serum / A 25% reduction in damage for all squadmates / You take 25% more damage
• Recipe: Grounded Serum / Energy resistance increase of 100% / Energy damage reduction of 20%
• Recipe: Healing Factor Serum / Health regeneration increase of 300% / Chemical effects reduction of 55%
• Recipe: Herbivore Serum / Benefits of eating vegetables doubles, no disease build up, either / Can’t eat meat
• Recipe: Herd Mentality Serum / All attributes increase by +2 when in a group / All attributes reduce by -2 when alone
• Recipe: Marsupial Serum / Carry weight increase of +20, improved jumping / Intelligence decrease of -4
• Recipe: Plague Walker Serum / Granted a poison aura that is better or worse depending on your disease
• Recipe: Scaly Skin Serum / Damage and energy resistance increase of +50 / AP reduction of -50
• Recipe: Speed Demon Serum / Movement speed increase of +20 and faster reloading / Thirst and Hunger increase more quickly
• Recipe: Talons Serum / Unarmed and bleed chance increase of 25% / Gun accuracy decrease of -50%
• Recipe: Twisted Muscles Serum / Melee and limb damage increase of 25% / Weapon accuracy decrease of 50%
• Recipe: Unstable Isotope Serum / You might radiate enemies attacking with melee weapons


- Average delivery time: 5~30 mins
- Specify your Bethesda Account Name in order details
- Will send you friend request in game and wait you in our CAMP for trade

* when i`m offline, you also can place an order, i`m available to delivery every day and it will be done immediately when i come back.

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