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Labs.Run(Raid)Standart(In party)

Labs.Run(Raid)Standart(In party)

Default - PC

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  • 20 mins.
  • 01:56:55
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Enter the name of the game character

1 Unit = 1 Lab.Run(Raid)
1. Check about the availability of the order (write to the chat (message to the seller)
2. To find out what ping is on EU servers. 
(For USA it will be possible to disconnect from the server due to ping, this is not scary, 2-3 reconnections when I tell you and you exit with loot)
If we die for my reason, we automatically start a new raid ...

1 Raid takes a specified amount of time. 
All loot (Stimulants, Valuable items, Quest items, Equipment, Weapons that will be during this time, will be given to the buyer. 
Loot spawn randomly.
Depending on the type of the chosen raid, the set includes equipment and cases.

Loot value example:
1.Labs.Run(Raid)Standart(In party): 1-5M (10-15min) BlackJack + 3 Rigs + Documents + Lab.key-card

2.Labs.Run(Raid)Medium(In party): 2-6M(20-25min)6SH118+ 2 Rigs+Med.Case+Documents+Mag.Case+Grenage case+ Lab.key-card

3.Labs.Run(Raid)Extra(In party): 5-10M(25-30min)6SH118+ 2 Rigs+Weapon Case+Med.Case+Documents+Mag.Case+Grenage case+Lab.key-card


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