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1M Roubles - Flea Market - Dont Cover Fee

1M Roubles - Flea Market - Dont Cover Fee

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How To Trade

Flee Market Trade(LvL 20+)
Fairly earned roubles, so you don't fund a cheater when you buy from me.

I don't cover fee

What are the best items to place on a flea market?

1.When placing items on the flea market, make sure that the commission from 550k is not higher than 100-200k(Fee), from 1M100k is not higher than 250-300k(Fee)
2.Items that go for sale to merchants from 30-50k can be displayed at 500k, items that cost more than 50k can be placed at 1M(Fee 300k) or 2M(fee 500-600k)

List some valuable Found In Raid(FIR) items for the amount of roubles you wish to buy. For the lowest flea market fee use items like armors, helms, weapons, statues, keys, cases, ssd, sas, flash drive etc. You can use this image for reference for items with minimum fee:

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