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❤️Raid❤️ : Weapon⭐️Meds Case⭐️Docs⭐️Keycard☀️❗ #LIVESTREAM#❗

❤️Raid❤️ : Weapon⭐️Meds Case⭐️Docs⭐️Keycard☀️❗ #LIVESTREAM#❗

Default - PC

❤️Raid❤️ : Weapon⭐️Meds Case⭐️Docs⭐️Keycard☀️❗ #LIVESTREAM#❗ - image
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⭐~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~❤️Escort on Labs❤️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~⭐

1) Go to the group search and wait

2) I'll hide you in a safe place. You'll have to wait for me here.

3) I'll take you to the exit and give you the stuff. You can watch the stream as you wait for me 



- Weapon & Meds Case + Docs + Keycard 

- You will not be punished if the my account are soon banned

- You will get all the stuff from the raid; - We will make maximum profit

- A raid does NOT count if one of us gets killed and we will start a new one


RAID TIME: 25-35 minutes

If I don't answer please wait❤️

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