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Lab.Raid+ (2-3M) + any weapons (In party)

Lab.Raid+ (2-3M) + any weapons (In party)

Default - PC

Lab.Raid+ (2-3M) + any weapons (In party) - image
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  • 60 mins.
  • in 5 days
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Enter the name of the game character

1 Item = Lab.Raid (3M ) + any weapons (In party)

There is a chance of dropping Ledx, which will give you a bonus

1 raid lasts on average 10-12 minutes
At the moment, the safest way to get rubles.

Having Level 10 (to sell items from the lab)
200-600k (or 2-3 Key-cards from the laboratory)


You need to know in advance if the order is available.

You don’t need anything to do, no one to kill, you’ll just lie there and they’ll bring you everything and see you until you leave.
You just need to follow my directions for the best result.
If the first raid fails, we automatically start the next one.

Main time online:
⌚Moscow 15.00-02.00 
⌚London 13.00-00.00
⌚New York 08.00- 19.00
⌚Paris 14.00-01.00

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