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❤️LAB RUN 1 RAID 2-7M ❤️ | 100% SAFE NO ACCOUNT SHARE! The cheapest

❤️LAB RUN 1 RAID  2-7M ❤️  | 100% SAFE NO ACCOUNT SHARE! The cheapest

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Enter the name of the game character

(1x purchase =1 raids )
- This service will get you a successful raid completion
- You will have priority for all the loot in the raid (Dead PMCs and Scavengers).
- You will also have the priority on all other loot (Loose Loot / Weapon Boxes / Safes / Drawers etc.)
- After you are fully looted the team will proceed to extract you from the raid.
- This service is done via the self-play method (you play your PMC with our team during the boost).

- The start of service will be agreed together with you to find the most suitable timeframe for you (We will consult with you about the specific details - your availability to play at the time when we have raid).
- The service will be completed in the shortest possible amount of time.

- You are required to enter the raid with the biggest bag you can afford and a pistol (just be able to defend yourself from the AI Scavengers).
- If you can't afford the bag and the pistol it will be donated to you at the start of the raid from one of our players.
- During the raid you are required to follow the instructions and to not engage the enemies on your own unless you are in life or death situation.

Feel free to add me on Discord if you have any questions:  discord# ltboost6085

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