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Axe 1-160 CP

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Credits are the medium of exchange on
Credits have a fixed 1:1 exchange rate with US dollars (1 Credit = 1 USD)
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Choose one weapon from set:

Ashen Grip
Death`s Wind
Night`s Silence
Torug`s Pact
Twilight`s Embrace
Hist Bark
Magnus` Gift
Whitestrake`s Retribution
Alessia`s Bulwark
Song of Lamae
Vampire`s Kiss
Hunding`s Rage
Night Mother`s Gaze
Willow`s Path
Oblivion`s Foe
Spectre`s Eye
Kagrenac`s Hope
Orgnum`s Scales
Eyes of Mara
Shalidor`s Curse
Way of the Arena
Twice-Born Star
Armor Master
Noble`s Conquest
Law of Julianos
Trial By Fire
Clever Alchemist
Eternal Hunt
Tava`s Favor
Kvatch Gladiator
Pelinal`s Aptitude
Varen`s Legacy
Fortified Brass
Innate Axiom
Mechanical Acuity
Assassin`s Guile
Daedric Trickery
Spriggan`s Thorns
Vampire Lord
Mother`s Sorrow
Night Mother`s Embrace
Plague Doctor
Akaviri Dragonguard
Hide of the Werewolf
Green Pact
Spinner`s Garments
Vampire Cloak
War Maiden
Armor of the Trainee

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2. When the purchase was made by us in another seller. 
3. When for some reason we can not put in the average delivery time (15-30 minutes), and the client requires already and now, begins to hum and toxic. 

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