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✅US&EU (SEASON 27/NON) FULL SET 6/6 +VAULT items-Softcore PC ONLY !✅

✅US&EU (SEASON 27/NON)  FULL SET 6/6 +VAULT items-Softcore PC ONLY !✅

Europe Softcore Seasonal

✅US&EU (SEASON 27/NON)  FULL SET 6/6 +VAULT items-Softcore PC ONLY !✅ - image
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Offer Availability:PC / Softcore - EUROPE&AMERICAS / SEASON 27 &Non Seasonal !


SELFPLAY: You CONTROL your character.We will invite you our game and complete your order.

ACCOUNT SHARE: We CONTROL your account.You gotta give us your account information such as account name and password.While we work on your order you can play ANY other BLIZZARD games (Overwatch,Hearthstone,WOW,StarCraft,HOTS (101%safe)

Both games can be played at the same time

6/6 Full set items for your class!We will be doing Rift/Grift till we find 6/6 full set pieces of your choice!All other items we found during run are YOURS! Free coaching!+VAULT RUN

Free legendary gem upgrades,craft materials

All classes available.

Free Torment 16 Goblin Vault!

Why me ?

100% Legit multiboxing

We are online 14 hour every day.Delivery within 1 hour or much less after confirmation (If we are online in that moment) .You simply follow us in game and we will drop you items.This service take less than an hour to deliver.

Required Information

In-Game BattleTag ( name#1234 )

Server Region( The Americas or Europe )

Game Mode(SEASON 20 & Non Seasonal )

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