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Uber character: 80+ portals

Uber character: 80+ portals

America Softcore Seasonal

Uber character: 80+ portals - image
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Share account : You will get a character for a comfortable pharma 80+ portals and improve the legendary stones.
You get many legendary items.
You get gold.
You gain experience.
You get the stones and the rest of the side drop
We can play at a convenient time, while you are at work, studying, etc.

After boosting service don`t forget to change password for safety. Operators will never ask you password after order complete.

We can cancel order and refund order tnen:
1. Client refuses to follow our recommendations for obtaining a specific order, and on the other hand it is not possible to deliver.  it endangers both for customer and us
2. When the purchase was made by us in another seller. 
3. When for some reason we can not put in the average delivery time (15-30 minutes), and the client requires already and now, begins to hum and toxic. 

Guaranteed shipping time = 12 Business hours

Business Hours - 6:00 am - 00:00 pm  GMT + 2 
Shanghai - 15:00 - 9:00
New York - 00:00 - 18:00 
Moscow - 7:00 - 1:00

Buying and selling of game currency and items for real money is prohibited in most games, including in Diablo 3. Buying game currency and items, you thereby violate the user agreement with the developer / owner of the game and may incur punishment for it.


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