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Call of Duty: DMZ Boosting

DMZ is the new "extraction" mode for Call of Duty Warzone 2.0. In it, you are thrown into the center of the exclusion zone that encompasses all of Al Mazrah, a massive metropolitan area located in western Asia. If this sounds vaguely familiar and you've started thinking about Tarkov and its "special economic zone", you're on the right track, but not exactly... While DMZ shares some similarities with EfT, it's not intended as its clone and it actually uses a plethora of unique mechanics that heavily distinguish it from EfT. Because of this, Tarkov veterans will find the DMZ experience quite familiar and yet very refreshing while players who are new to the general idea won't find themselves at a big disadvantage because they haven't played EfT before. This also means that Call of Duty: DMZ Boosting services will be in high demand as the game mode is brand-new, quite unique, and has a rather steep learning curve. 

If you're wondering what makes COD: DMZ different from the title it's being extensively compared to, here's a brief summary (not complete by any means, but most of the things are there). 

  • Al Mazrah Region is much, much larger than any individual map featured in EfT. There are dozens of points of interest, all of which could easily be separated from it and turned into individual maps. These range from industrial areas, through ancient ruins, to vast urban agglomerations. 
  • DMZ is a sandbox in nature. With the vast open map comes a sea of possibilities. You're not limited to one area, nothing stops you from traveling all across the map during a single raid. There are hundreds of contracts and missions to complete, so there's always something to do. The map offers many locked areas, so you will have to scavenge for keys to fully explore the map. In DMZ, you create your own adventure! This also means that DMZ is not nearly as repetitive as EfT. You won't get a feeling of "ahh, I have to raid Shoreline for the 20th time in a row because I have to do that loot run again". 
  • The vast map calls for fast transportation methods, thus DMZ features a plethora of different vehicles that can be used by you and your team to get places relatively quickly. 
  • Call of Duty: DMZ is heavily action-packed. There are not only squads of hostile players roaming the land, but there's also a high density of bots that will try to make your life miserable. You won't last more than a minute without exchanging fire with someone or something. Because of this, group gameplay is recommended as a squad of three will fare much better against the dangers present in the exclusion zone. If you don't have anyone to play with, you can use Odealo's COD: DMZ Boosting services to secure yourself a veteran player as a teammate. 
  • Squad gameplay is even more beneficial than in Tarkov. Because of the very dynamic nature of DMZ, having teammates is extremely powerful. They will not only watch your back and aid you in firefights, but they can also revive you which greatly increases your overall survivability. You should take advantage of the synergy the squad system for DMZ offers. 
  • HUD is much less immersive than in EfT and there's a map as well as a minimap. This means that you're getting much more information about your equipment's condition (the exact amount of ammo you have left, for example), and your character's health. Map and Minimap are fully interactive and they help you with navigating the exclusion zone. Learning the map is nowhere near as important in DMZ as it is in Tarkov. You should still pay attention and memorize the locations where you can find valuables, though. 
  • There are Trade Stations scattered all across the Al Mazrah region. In them, you can sell your loot directly in a Raid (which allows you to make cash much faster than in EfT), and purchase all kinds of useful equipment (which means that you can upgrade your gear very quickly indeed). There are also loot dumps, where you can hide your loot for the purpose of extracting or selling it in the future. In other words, you won't be forced to leave stuff behind in DMZ, at least not to the extent EfT forces you to do it. 

Call of Duty: DMZ Tips

As you can clearly see from the above-mentioned examples, DMZ offers its own experience. Because of this, you will have to learn it starting with the basics and slowly making your way up the food chain until you can carry your own weight in a team and eventually start to dominate. To help you with the learning process, we've prepared a Call of Duty: DMZ Boosting page in our store, where you can purchase services from more experienced players. We have also prepared a bunch of tips and tricks that should help you become better at this amazing game mode: 

  • Choose a good weapon - Al Mazrah region is vast and it has many open spaces. Because of this, having a weapon that's good for eliminating targets from a long range is always a great idea. Ideally, you should have a semi-automatic marksman rifle with you at all times. Why semi-automatic? Because it allows you to project more power (so, rain down more bullets) at unsuspecting enemies before they have a chance to react. Once you secure that and unlock more insured slots, you should work on a close-quarters-combat weapon as well. If you still have 1 insured weapon slot, thou should use the Health Hazard M13b as your secondary. Why? Because it's widely regarded as the best contraband weapon available in the mode (it comes with attachments as standard and has a high-capacity 60 rounds magazine). 
  • Prepare in advance - Being well-equipped will greatly increase your chances of success in the exclusion zone. High-quality armor plates will allow you to survive multiple direct hits that would otherwise drop you right on the spot. The most important thing to remember about the armor plates is that you can have multiple equipped at once if your carrier allows it! The second thing you should secure is a gas mask that will definitely help you survive environmental hazards. Another thing you should work on is a customized weapon that will help you aim faster, control the recoil better, and spray much more accurately (as mentioned in the previous tip). Before attempting to venture into the more dangerous parts of the Exclusion Zone, gear up with the strongest equipment you can get your hands on. In particular, you should purchase plate carriers at trade stations within the exclusion zone and equip as many plates as you can. The last, but not least, thing you should bring with you is the self-revive. This is especially important if you're playing solo. Yes, you might lose almost all of it (except the insured weapon), but it's a much better option than coming in completely unprepared and slowly bleeding out all your resources. 
  • Learn how to earn Cash in-raid quickly - A lot of equipment pieces can only be purchased at buy stations within the exclusion zone and you can't bring any cash to the exclusion zone with you (refer to the previous tip for examples). This is why you should learn how to earn money within the exclusion zone! Looting high-value spots and selling the acquired stuff is a sure way of obtaining cash, so you should memorize where the valuables spawn. At the start, electronics are your best bet as it has the highest price tags. Focus on offices, server rooms, and other places where you can find a lot of computers and general electronics. Remember that in the long run, to make money quickly, you will also need keys that open locked-off looting areas. You'll have to memorize their spawns as well, which makes the whole earning cash thing a bit tricky... Luckily we have a proven solution; To learn the map quickly, you can Buy Call of Duty: DMZ Boosting service on Odealo and have experienced players tour you around the most lucrative looting spots. 
  • Learn how to fight against AI - Bots pose a major threat within the Al Mazrah region. They are, however, bots and thus their behavior can be predicted, to some extent at least. The majority of Fightingyou'll do in DMZ will be against computer opponents, so pay close attention to their behavior and learn how to take them out efficiently. 
  • Take advantage of vehicles - Transportation is key to your success within the exclusion zone. Vehicles will not only help you get places quickly; they will also protect you from enemy fire and from environmental hazards. Securing an armored truck early in a match will greatly increase your chances of success! If you manage to obtain a Heli, well, you can imagine what kind of advantage will that give you. Remember that you can refuel and repair your vehicles at gas stations. Also, vehicles can be used as a weapon! We can't imagine even the strongest armor plates protecting someone against a 5-ton battering ram... 

Call of Duty: DMZ can be very tricky at the start of your adventure, and is very difficult to master. The map of the Exclusion Zone is open and vast, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of points of interest, locked areas, vantage points, hidey holes, and valuable loot spawns. Learning and remembering all of them takes months of gameplay. Now, not everybody has that kind of time on their hands which leaves a large majority of the player base at a disadvantage... Not to mention that learning the map is just a small part of this amazing mode's learning curve. If you'd like to try out this amazing game, but feel intimidated by its scope, we might just have a perfect solution. Buy Call of Duty: DMZ Boosting services on Odealo and secure coaching sessions with some of the best COD players out there! Players that cooperate with us offer a wide range of services, so you'll definitely find an offer that suits your current needs. Be it simple exploration and learning the basics, helping with a particular mission, or just aiding in a lucrative loot run. Our associates have you covered! If you Buy COD: DMZ Boosting services on our website, you definitely won't be disappointed, thousands of our clients can attest to that! If you place yourself at the other end of the DMZ community, if you are an experienced COD player who has years of experience in tactical FPS games and hundreds of hours played in DMZ and Warzone, we have an offer for you as well. Register in our store and Sell Call of Duty: DMZ Boosting services! By doing so, you'll turn your in-game experience into Cash and help other players in the process. It's up to you what kind of services to sell. If you're elastic, you can even let the buyers create custom offers and come to an agreement on the payment. Take advantage of the opportunity Odealo presents to you. 

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