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Call of Duty: DMZ Items

In Call of Duty: DMZ, the equipment you take on a mission is up to you. You can arm yourself to the teeth and wear the best protective equipment the game offers. Or... you can enter the Exclusion Zone with nothing to your name and pray that you'll find something useful and manage to extract with it to make some progress. If you didn't play games like this before, you might think that the choice is simple - you go in armed to the teeth every time. It's not that simple, however, as all Call of Duty: DMZ Items you carry into the Exclusion Zone are lost if you're killed (with a notable exception of Weapons put into the insurance slots). And by all, we mean all. You lose not only the stuff you looted, you lose everything you've chosen for your loadout! This is why some people consider entering the Exclusion Zone "naked"; if you don't have anything, you can only gain. If you want to make good progress, you will have to go in well-prepared, though. Completing mission objectives and fighting against other players without appropriate COD: DMZ Items is simply impossible - you'll be returned to your stash before you're even able to spot from where you're being fired at. This creates a dilemma: How much are you willing to risk during a Raid, can you afford to lose that new Gas Mask and Plate Carrier you've just managed to acquire? Can you succeed if you just bring the bare essentials? If you're afraid of losing your Call of Duty: DMZ Items during a raid, you're not alone. This feeling is so common that it has received its own name - Gear Fear. 

Gear Fear is a term that comes straight from Tarkov, another game that features the Extraction Mode (and the one that has invented it in the current form). It's used to describe the fear of losing your best equipment during a Raid and not being able to replace it. There are a few ways of fighting it. Some people just follow the "it's just a game" line of thinking and risk everything they've got, not dispairing if they lose it (we are envious of these people and we'd like to have their ability to keep their spirits high after such a loss). Others simply hoard their COD: DMZ Items and end up never using them during a Raid. These are the players that struggle to make good progress as they are not capable of taking the necessary risks. The third, and in our opinion, the best option is to Sell Call of Duty: DMZ Items you are too afraid to use and Buy stuff that's of a bit lower grade, but still good enough and available to you in larger quantities. That way you end up with decent equipment you're not afraid to lose and a few sets of backup COD: DMZ Items to fall back on in case you die during a Raid. Sometimes, however, you go on a losing streak and end up without anything useful in your task, even if you've been cautious and managed your resources to the best of your ability. You might think that situation like that spells the end and forces you to do naked rat runs. We rush to inform you that there's another, much quicker solution to the problem! Buy COD: DMZ Items on Odealo and re-stock everything you might ever need in the Exclusion Zone. By doing so, you will always have decent equipment and a reliable weapon at your disposal and infiltration will become an even more pleasant experience. You'll also cure yourself out of the Gear Fear as you'll realize that there's a reliable way of replacing your lost Call of Duty: DMZ Items. While we're on the topic of equipment, we should talk about the optimal loadout for your raids. 

Call of Duty: DMZ Loadouts

DMZ's loadout system is completely different from what you're used to if you're a Call of Duty player. If you've played Tarkow, though, you'll find it much more familiar. There are multiple equipment slots that can be filled with specific Call of Duty: DMZ Item types, from Plate Carriers, through gas masks, to keys. Choosing the optimal loadout plays, of course, a paramount role when it comes to your chances of successfully extracting from the Exclusion Zone. The available Loadout Slots are: 

  • Plate Carrier - This is your main protective equipment slot. Unlike in standard Warzone mods, in DMZ you can upgrade your Armor Plates to make them fare much better against incoming fire. You should pay special attention to your armor protection as it's paramount for your survival in the Exclusion Zone. 
  • Gas Mask - As you may know, there are hazardous areas within the Exclusion Zone. Gas Mask is intended to protect you from Radiological, Biological, and Chemical hazards you'll definitely come across during your infiltrations. 
  • Killstreak - This high-tech piece of equipment can be looted from other players, provided that they had one in their loadout. You can also Buy Call of Duty: DMZ Items of this type within the Exclusion Zone itself. If you're wondering where exactly you can buy these, we rush to inform you that they are available in some specific buy stations scattered around the Exclusion Zone (you might need special keys to get to some of them, so there will be some hoops to jump through before you get to them). 
  • Self-Revive - This is a powerful tool that will let you surprise your adversaries and turn the tides of multiple engagements in your favor. 
  • Backpack - This is your primary container. You'll carry all essentials (ammo, meds, equipment, and additional firearms) in it. Moreover, this is where you'll put all COD: DMZ Items you loot during a raid. To start off, you'll get a small backpack that only has 5 equipment slots in it, but you will be able to upgrade it as you progress. Every item you carry in your backpack during a successful EXFIL attempt will become transferable to your stash. 
  • Keys - These are some of the most important items in DMZ. They are used to unlock various locations. In these locations, you'll find mission objectives and, of course, rare and valuable loot. You have multiple key slots, so you can customize your key loadout with relative ease. These are essential if you want to stock up on high-end equipment, so always be on the lookout for new keys! 
  • Weapon - This is your force multiplier. If you have your own customized weapon, you can put it into an Insured Slot to have it given back to you in case your infiltration attempt doesn't go as planned. If you're starting off and only have contraband weapons, you will lose them when you die within the Exclusion Zone. 

Please remember that all equipment listed above, with a notable exception of weapons put into Insured Slots, will be lost in case of death within the Exclusion Zone! You will also lose it if you fail to extract on time. 

By far, the hardest thing about the DMZ mode for Call of Duty is sustaining yourself. This is because Call of Duty: DMZ Items are hard to acquire and very easy to lose. You can spend hours in the Exclusion zone and end up with fewer assets than you've started with if your successful exfil ratio is too low (a little reminder here: if you die in the exclusion zone, you lose most of your COD: DMZ Items). If you add the fact that the starting equipment is nothing to write home about and that you can face experienced enemies in your very first raid, you start to realize just how hard filling up your stash really is. If you go on a losing streak, a thing that happens all the time in games that feature the "extraction mode" - Tarkov players can test to that, you may easily end up with nothing and be forced to do some rat runs (and these are rather embarrassing for some players). If you are new to the DMZ mode, or if you were just unlucky, Odealo can help you get right back on track. Visit our player-to-player trading hub and Buy Call of Duty: DMZ Items to fill up your stash with necessities that will help you survive your next infiltrations. Our storage is always filled to the brim with tactical gear, weapons, meds, and other useful stuff. In particular, you'll find that we offer a wide range of high-end equipment that will give you an edge over the opposition. If you're looking for high-quality gear, just check the in-game assets we have available in our store - you'll definitely find something that suits your playstyle! Taking advantage of our diverse offer is the best way to get yourself going again after a failed raid and to give yourself a real competitive edge. If you consider the amount of time required to stock up, even on bare essentials, in COD: DMZ our offer becomes even more lucrative! Call of Duty: DMZ Items purchased via our web store will allow you to fully experience the Exclusion Zone and progress through faction missions at a much quicker pace; the hardest challenges the DMZ mode has to offer will become much less imposing to you if you take advantage of our services! Your performance will visibly improve, as you will not only be able to take a hit or two (because of a proper plate carrier), but you will also become more accurate thanks to the fully-customized weapons we have in stock. There is no safer place to Buy COD: DMZ Items than Odealo. All our sellers were thoroughly verified by our staff, so you can be sure that your transactions, made with the help of our online store, will go smoothly. You can also rest assured that you will get what you have ordered in a timely manner (if the seller is online, completing the transaction usually takes less than 15 minutes!). We are pretty much guaranteed to have everything that you might ever need - just check our wide offer. If you'd like to Sell Call of Duty: DMZ Items instead, we've got you covered as well! You can register on our site and create your own auctions after you've verified. That way you will quickly turn your In-Game Assets into Real Money. We guarantee full satisfaction from our services. Thousands of our current associates can testify to that. If you hesitate because of the mandatory verification - don't! It ensures that all buyers leave with what they've ordered and that all our sellers are all legit. Thus, it guarantees that everyone's satisfied with our website and we can provide the highest standard of services. After you verify, you will be free to create your own auctions and take full advantage of our rapidly-growing Call of Duty: Warzone 2 real money-trading platform. Don't miss out on the opportunity Odealo presents to you! 

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