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Animal Crossing Wedding Set 33 Furnitures + 2.1M Free Bell

Animal Crossing Wedding Set 33 Furnitures + 2.1M Free Bell

Nintendo Switch

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Wanted to hold a wedding? No Wedding furniture? Well we have you Covered for the I do's :D

The Wedding Collection not only is amazing but the beautiful design will have your visitors in aww!

You will receive all furnitures exactly like the picture 33 Items + 2.1M Free Bell

Feel Free to contact me if you have any special request

Discord: Nicolas#0659 (Instant delivery and reply except when I sleep)

Instructions are:

1. After purchase, Send me a message with your Dodo Code and what time you're available

2. I'll come over and drop the Bells outside your airport

3. Please leave a feedback when transaction is done!

FAQ: "How do I give you my dodo code?"

*Must have Nintendo Online subscription*

1. Go to the airport

2. Select "I want visitors" 

3. Select "Via online play" 

4. Select "Invite via Dodo Code". 

5. Select "The more the merrier" 

6. Select "Yeah, invite anyone"

7. You will receive a 5 digit code will be given which you will message to me :D

The Wedding Collection Includes:


Wedding Chairs x4

Wedding Bench's x4

Wedding Head Table x2

Wedding Table

Wedding Arch

Wedding Decoration x4

Wedding Flower Stand x2

Wedding Welcome Board

Wedding Plate

Wedding Organ

Wedding Cake

Weddng Candle

Wedding Fence x50



White Wedding Wall

White Wedding Floor

White Wedding Carpet



Wedding Wand

Wedding Pumps

Wedding Shoes

Bridal Veil

Cake Dress

White Tuxedo

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